Llandudno is a pleasant and rather elegant seaside resort in North Wales. By day, the streets are filled with fairly ordinary people walking around shopping. Look a little closer though and you will see that the benches on the street corners are filled with belligerent shaven headed dwarves, either high on something or trying to […]

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Thornton Heath

Well, what a place. This area is shared with ***** and wannabe rude boys, who arent shy to demand cigarettes or phones from any passer by, “oi blood, gimme your phone doh” or “ya gotta cigarette for me” in reply “NO” and then they say “but am i bovered though, gimme a ***” their local […]

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The London Borough of Sutton used to be a nice place, for those that can remember the 80’s and early 90’s. Then struck the disease, the infection that is **** culture. Take a strole into the high street at any time and you’ll soon see what I loathe so much about the place. McDonalds is […]

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South Norwood

I’ve lived a fairly sheltered life in terms of having no ****-like qualities and coming from a respectable area where we didn’t have any ****** neighbours… and then I got pally with a girl when I had to regularly phone the company where she was employed as a PA, we decided we should go out […]

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