Rugby aka Drugby

As soon as you enter Rugby you notice on the Railway bridge has been daubed the sign ‘welcome to Drugby’ and it then sinks in… that cold feeling down the back of your spine that sends chills into your soul, the very essence of life is slowly being sucked out of you as you look […]

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Leamington Spa

well….where to start after living in this cess-pit for 19 years and attending one of its One of its many ******** schools and still at its equally ******** college. I can say that leamington is indeed a total **** town, surrounded by Coventry, Rugby and Birmingham but also more locally many council estates, some places […]

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Royal Leamington Spa

Leamington was probably one of the nicest towns in the west mids before the ***** invaded. Leam is somewhere in between Coventry and Birmingham( the **** sources). In the last few months leam has turned from a town full of life to a town full of **** life. The ***** have a few hang outs. […]

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The cesspools of Nuneaton

Now then. I have read all the reports on the **** culture breeding in and around the cess pools of Nuneaton, yet I feel certain things have been missed. Firstly, nestled deep in the heart of Stockingford (or ‘the ford’ as it is affectionately and originally known), is The Nuneaton Academy, formerly known as Alderman […]

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Dawlish used to be a sleepy little town, lots of ducks and fetes. Some arseholes obviously, every town has their fair (or unfair) share. Something terrible has happened … there has been a mass exodus from places such as Coventry and Newcastle. The pubs are full of ****, the ducks get kicked by **** and […]

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Leamington Spa

I can’t believe I’m the first to nominate Leamington Spa as a Chavtown. Outsiders may think the place is a genteel and affluent place in which to live, especially when given its full title, Royal Leamington Spa. But if you do more than scratch the surface, you will see a horrible little cesspit – the […]

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