Well what can i say, if you want a tanning shop come to Reddish or electric beach as i call it (sock on ****). You will find the orange people and **** colour (Brilliant White) ******* around Houldsworth Square, a quaint old clock resides there with ******* baskets now replaced with(Girls) 53 foot ******* hooped […]

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Aberystwyth – the breeding ground of hybrid brummie *****!

Ahhh Aberystwyth, a lovely seaside student town full of surfers, indie chicks and dudes and generally decent people with an above average IQ. surrounded by beaches and with a backdrop of mountains it is a scenic and perfect escape…..with one downfall its the end of the railway line from Birmingham and *****/********* discovered this hideaway […]

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TELFORD this town turned me **** god did i fight it but had to succumb eventualy

this town turned me ****! well wat can i say about it, the fact is everything already stated on this site is so true you have to experience it to believe the accuracy. but what truly seperates it from **** meccas like croydon salford birkenhead,etc is the total feeling of depression and bordem and isolation […]

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Ashton under Lyne

Ashton Under Lyne has got to be in contention for the ‘birthplace of ****’. To say it is overrun by ***** is an understatement and on any outing to the shop for example, you are bound to see at least 10 ***** congregating round the entrance with their tracky bottoms tucked into their fake buberry […]

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They tried so hard with Middleton. Back in the day, they built one of the first ‘Arndale’ centres – people flocked for miles around to sample this new, modern, concrete environment. They put flowers and benches in the precinct, built a community centre, investments were made and the future was bright. But there was one […]

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Middleton, Manchester

Welcome to Middleton, core of the **** universe within North Manchester. Here we have a special breed of **** and ********. This particular breed of gutter dwelling, fake burberry wearing council estate **** are ever so proud of their social status. Drawing in local ***** from surrounding Hollins, Boarshaw and not forgetting the lovely Langley […]

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