LancashireNorth West

What a town, I moved to Padiham from Burnley over a year ago to escape the ***** and what do I find even more *****. During my stay in Padiham I have found I love **** spotting the best places I have found so far is Cambridge Drive, they love to hang around the off-licence and chippy to buy alco pops and battered mars bars, also the black path (between Cambridge Dive and Lancaster Drive) where they like to race mini motor bikes, drink alco-pop’s, set fire to bin’s and smash glass, also I’ve seen some of the ****’s children having a bath in the river down there with all the rubbish and oil that has been thrown into the river (I’m sure that’s not healthy)
As for the night life I have only been in 2 pub’s, the Hare and Hounds and got the evil eye as I’m not a local, and the Shakespear which is full of ****’s that like to make you feel uncomfortable so needless to say I won’t be going back to either, I value my life to much.
To sum up, Padiham could be a nice town if people stopped there dog’s from ******** every where and took control of their children (they are our future believe it or not).

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