South London

Oxted the nice town in surrey, is supposed to be a lovely place to live. There’s master park for the kids, 5 charity shops for the elderly and tandrige lesuire pool for familes. However there is a much feared and dark side to the town. When the clock strikes 7pm the ***** come out to play. The sweet, loving people of Oxted lock there doors as the members of chavism fill the small town. Master park at night becomes the centre of the mayhem as youths compare who has the best TN cap. The Charcoal Grill is the best place to be at on a friday night as meat n chips for 4.10 is handed around among the ****/pikes. I have seen this town transform into what is now seen as a chavy place to live. There is a crew called the BSM who “rule” north Oxted. I once walked into the puplic loos only to find a girl who looked about 12 on the
floor very close to the urinals with a bloke who looked about 18. God help this town.

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