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looking through the index to the left of this page, i happen to notice that everytown is being taken over by the scumbags! some places are worst than others but the chavs are taking over everywhere!
Anyway on with my “contribution”: i live in lovly city called oxford, anone reading this would have herd of oxford, small as it may be, but it is famous all over the world. Why? because of the old historic buildings and collages all over the city centre. Using oxford as an example it just goes to show how the chavs are messing up the place. Come nightfall in the city centre the place becomes full of chavs. Me and my friend were walking through at about only 9.00 and we get the ushal abuse, “get a iar cut” coming from some cocky little basterd in cockney “slang”. If you are a tourist planning on visiting oxford please do not be put of! Just dont go to the wrong places! in the day time there loads of tourists and we love them! oxfords great really just depends were u go at what time. That leads me on to the more “rough” places, Blackbird Leys is the most infamous place in oxford. It also has a very big reputation for joyriding. Anyone who doesnt live there never goes there well they dont if they can avoid it. Looking through the weekly “Oxford Times” most of it is dominated by horror stories Leys, barton and rose hill are one of the main s**t holes. Peers school wich is the shitest school in oxford explels lots of the chavs and they go and invade other schools like mine, Mine hasnt been taken over yet but i can see it happening in the near futor. i live in a little village very close to the centre, the farm got burnt down by a group of chavs, it was a massive fire. the barns they set fire to hapened to be full of nasty chemicals used for the metal works. Chavs cleverness level proves one thing- that they didnt delibaratly choose that barn, they just thourt it as a bonus that lots of chemicals we released into the air and polluted many peoples homes. They were never caught. Shame a few less chavs on the street.

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