Oxford [Blackbird Leys, Greater leys, Rose hill, Barton, Littlemore]

I cant believe nobody has added this yet. Thats right, the whole south of Oxford is a **** ******** **** hole. Why dont you come to Blackbird Leys and have a lovely look for yourself! watch the 10 year olds steal motorbikes in an attempt to impress their peers and to look “well hard”. Let the happy happy joyriders burn out cars on the fields on which kids play football. Ask the locals about the stabbings and killings in and around the south of Oxford. And me, I get to happily live my life in the center of one of the worst (or used to be) estates in britain.

This is no place for Goths, Skaters or Rockers like me. In fact, just dressing differently could get you beaten to a bloody pulp around here. Come visit South Oxford, Great **** hangouts in front of chip shops! Walk around and hurt people FOR FUN!

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