The cente of the town has one pub, all the others have closed it is such a s**t hole.

The only passion is pissing about, vandalism, threatening behaviour, and ponsing up and down in those silly little hatchbacks.Christ, who would want to spend several grand on a bog standard Fiat or a VW, only to make it look like s**t.

There is one or two areas where the s**m reside, but the Housing Association responsible will hear no wrong.There are more baseball caps, huge Ali G style chains, and football shirts than I would care to look at, and lots of feckless slags who are too pissed most of the time to remember which uneducated knuckle scraper gave them a taste of shaft up the back passage.

These people are so stupid they think that they probably think that Descartes is an I phone application.The place has more thick Northern cliches per square mile, than one could wish to meet.The words hey up often pass their lips, but don’t come in to the town centre pub, and laugh, or look at them in the wrong way, or they will ,”ave you, you want some Dickhead”.To say that psycopathic tendencies arfe rife is an understatement.

The local school is inhabited by the kind of left wing drippy hippy that made everyone vote for Mrs Thatcher, and they let the little bastards run riot.There may be the odd one who will be a captain of industry, but not very many.What a dump.

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