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Ormskirk – oh the joy of returning to the big O during University holidays!! About 15 mins from the capital of culture *lafs* Liverpool, **** population has slowly grown within the town to infectious levels. The common collecting place of the **** and ******** is in Coronation Park where dresed in their burberry hats and lacoste trackies they drink excessive amounts of White Lightning til stupid o’clock in the mornin abusin any poor sod who has to pass through the park on the way home often issuing lines such as “i could fukin have you” or just the usual “your a wanka/bitch/slapper” is a favourite whilst throwing empty beer cans at them, or pushing shopping trolleys/small children into the pond. The younger ***** (ranging from about the age of six) often menacingly approaching innocent victims casually walking through the park sayin “eh mate jus get us a packet on fags/ bottle of cider from bargin booze will ya iv forgot my id” – ha as if most of them are old enuf to even cross the street by themselves. If the police on an odd occasion has mangaed to chase them out the park they will then congregate in either the bus station or town center once again trying to intimidate older members of the public at ten o’clock at nite into buying them alcohol, clearly they have no homes to go to.
Of course in the winter when its too cold for young britneeeey or eddddie to survie the closest place with heating is maaccccies in 2 saints retail park, where they will buy a ninety nine pence drink betwen 18 of them (spare change from the fags) or congregate outside in the car park where ther  elder brothers or sisters hang around revin ther soupped up novas/fiestas blasting out the latest incoherent dance **** and shouting “eh girl ur fit i’d shag you’ as you causually walk past . – how nice!!! Of course the ***** arent jus from Ormskirk – oh no – there mates from Skem and Kirkby also come down- and i quote- “to help my mates kick your fuckin head in” for absolutely no reaon in particular – civilised arent they just, also proving that young ***** are nothin without their mates as they need all their groups combined brain cells between them to form coherent sentences ‘I need a fukin fag’.
there is a common misconception as well that all these people are from Liverpool as they appear to have harsh drawling Liverpudlian accents, ending every sentence in like or mate or saying **** every 2 seconds. Dont get me wrong I lived in Everton for 10 years and I dont talk like that or feel the need ot threaten other people n sayin they r “‘ard cos we r from Liverpool’ – are you bollocks – mummy n daddy probably wudnt let u into “towwwwwwwnnnnn’ as ur parents wud probably never let u down the end of the street by urselves nevamind Liverpool, n for the most of them living in four bedroomed houses in Aughton and Town Green u need to be informed jus cos u wear a trackie u aint from the gheto.  Am not saying all people that dress in trackies are ***** – in fact i know quite a few who are proud to call themselves that – its jus the little ***** that hang around in town thinkin its ‘ard to nick stuff n beat up sum of the other younger kids in the park – cos “he looked at me like i was ****, officer”. – That is cos u r! They give the decent Liverpudlians and Ormskirkians bad reputations! – Oh an education its mandatory not an option, skippin school and hanging out in the train station aint big and it aint clever. No ones intimidated they just pity you, and laf cos u hav a **** dress sense.

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