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A holiday village near St Osyth (Clacton) full of the scum aka chavs.
First (and last) went here last year. Our friends have been going for the last 6 years so we thought it could not be too bad. WRONG!

A complete s**t hole populated by scum all sounding the same – Londoners. Shell suits are the order of the day for preferred evening attire, but don’t cover all the tattoos ladies. Lounging around in the bars you are met with constant glares and challenges of what the f are you lookin at c***. Poolside is a chore best avoided, the chavs all nicking the plastic glasses – Why?

Actual quote: “Mum, can I go in the pool?”
“Course you effin can you little c***, what the effin ‘ell do ya fink we’re effin ‘ere for?”
“fanks mum”

What chance does the poor little sod have with parents like that?

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