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Oldham Oldham Oldham… home of the free, or at least of the cheap… home to one of the largest tribes of a rising race, the chav, loitering in the alleys near mecca bingo, or, if you dare travel into my hometown of shaw, the ginnel behind southern fried chicken, throwing 10p’s at a wall, no doubt taking after their father who blew all his money getting ripped off by petty gambling as well, we even have chavs in the teaching proffession in oldham, teaching the new generations how to tell a fake ring from a real one, then helping them decide which fake one to get, one of the most prominent examples of this a certain PE teacher at royton and crompton school, we also have the chav-tastic spindels shopping centre, tommyfield market, where you can buy real “abidas” trainers for an amazing 80 quid, wow!!

Top 10 worst places to live in England 2019