Living in Oldham, Greater Manchester
Written by Anonymous Visitor and posted in Greater Manchester, North West

I think Oldham was best summed up by a friend of mine who upon a visit to this fair town one day remarked that the people of Oldham look as though the government has been performing nuclear testing in the area. I think that speaks volumes.

If you like Chavs, then Oldham is the place for you. Around every corner you are likely to find a group of young thugs clad in Burberry, Mckenzie, La Coste and whatever is being sold at the local JD sports. Literally wherever you go you are likely to be met with the words “what you looking at”, followed a swift headbutt to the nose. Or if you are lucky they may only threaten to break your jaw. The town is well equipped for visitors, it has excellent public transport links to the surrounding cities. If you have managed to avoid getting lamped in the bus station and manage to get on a bus then you have done well. Once on the bus you may have to wait a while for the bus to set off, it’s common for the bus driver to have to remind at least one person that you cannot travel without paying, when this happens a showdown between the driver and the would be thief ensues, which usually ends with the police being called or some irate passengers shouting obscenities at the thief and threatening to knock them out.

If you like loud drum and bass or dance music you will love the Oldham buses, the local chavs don’t seem to know what headphones are. One warning, don’t sit next to the windows if you enjoy your head being attached to your body, it is not uncommon for a brick to come hurling through the window towards it. I myself have encountered this terrifying situation on two occasions (I wish I were lying). The newly introduced metro is an alternative method of transport which offers similar opportunities.

If you want culture and sophistication then one should look no further than Yorkshire street and the local shopping centres. Where sports direct is the new Hugo Boss and TJ Hughes is the new Harrods. Many of the local folk are looking for a good bargain such as the put it in your track suit and don’t pay bargain.

The parenting skills of the loca populace are unrivalled. It is common to see disobedient kids being quickly put into place by their mothers who employ such tactics as threatening to knock out their kids.

So come to Oldham meet the locals, it will make you feel better about yourself.

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  • Giant’s Seat

    At least Oldham is LANCASHIRE not soft puffy Manchester down the road

    • John Alder

      Nice bit of homophobia there. You’re probably a chav yourself. Dickhead.

      • Giant’s Seat

        Listen Dog face : Man-cheshire is for Chavs, Soft ,weak M/cr…… OLDHAM tough NORTHERN Lancashire

    • Ginger DeSaint

      Manchester is in Lancashire too!

  • Ilikemagic

    I used to live there, the original post oversells the place. It isn’t even that good.

  • oldhamer

    Anonymous just goes to show don’t like Oldham don’t come back simples

  • an owd hammer

    what a load of bollox most chavs in oldham cant afford burberry ect and only wear cheatham hill fakes….this is the main reason the tram comes here…we have a lot of youth..who have smashglass disease this as been around ever since life began .nothing is safe telephone boxes ..bus stops cars public buildings private homes..its so bad the local window cleaner now carries a sander with him…the bus services/prices are still as bad as they where years ago even when the chavs parents were becoming chavs ..they where and still are overpriced still stink of dirty mop and still never on time the young chavs learnt a lot of there vocabulary on the buses and at bustops days they only use them if they need to go to market…not saying oldham market is no good because you can buy anything you like here as long as its cloth..

  • Joel Forbea

    What a crap article! I think a child must have written it!