Ogmore Vale

Ogmore Vale (by Bridgend) is a pretty little valley village that has been abandoned by the council, police and polititians to anyone who likes to vandalise everything, drink cider and generally cause as much nuicance to as possible to everyone else.

‘Normal’ people are too afraid to say anything for fear of reprisals. The police are nowhere to be seen.

Our new councillor is less use than uncle bob, our old one. The council presides over mindless vandalism and does nothing… they waste all their money on unwanted street signs pointing the way to another vandalised beauty spot, and pedestianising everywhere against everyones wishes.

How grim is your Postcode?

The litter, broken glass and dog-muck are everywhere.

Our MP is always making speaches and writing in our local paper about what needs doing, but it appears to be only lip service.

The only people who seem happy are the local arses (who pass as *****) with fast cars who speed around the valley with impunity, ore stealing cars.. drinking their booze taking dope and leaving as much litter as possible.

Bring back flogging!

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