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Oadby, what a fuckin’ s**t hole, the thing is, its full of older chav’s, the leather box jacket,white flannel sox wearing degenerate from the 80’s. its home to scrote’s who knocked up the local Oadby slag, which is an achievement in itself as most Oadby chav’s are all a result of inbreeding, moved to Elizabeth court flats, and then one of the de-militarized Wigston council estates! and then lo-and behold, he’s saved a few bob by cutting back on the diamond White and bought himself a shitty little house, usually an ex council job!!!you wanna see these type of chavs, and you probably don’t, go the Witherspoons pub or the Fox Inn or the Black Dog, if you go, just make sure you take shedloads of ammunition with you! avoid the park near Kwik-Save at all cost’s unless you want to give your American Pit bull a run! if ever the world needed an enema, i’d stick the pipe in Oadby!!!

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