nuneaton-‘treacle town’

WarwickshireWest Midlands
Nuneaton is full of *****/********* but everyone is sayin its full of ******* aswell,they call nuneaton ***** city. Its full of the worst **** eva:dizzy lizzy,radio joe,leather trevor and the street fighter are the main known **** around nuneaton amongst *****.
They all make me laugh because ***** go around thinking ther bad n dat with there fake tracksuits and there girlfriends which look orange with there fake tan and there massive looped earrings while there hair is caked in hairspray. However, the ***** from the posh areas of nuneaton like crowhill,whitestone and horestone grange can afford proper named clothes as they have there mummy and daddys to pay for everything. Where as people from the rough areas of nuneaton like camp hill aka ‘tramp hill’ and some parts of hilltop have to work really hard to get some stuff. Theres a few people from hilltop who have alot of money,nice cars and a nice house but dont go perading there money around by moving to rich areas of nuneaton.
***** are getting worse in nuneaton, its like an *********** of a disease, all the young gals getting pregnant before there 16 especially in old hilltop well actually everywhere in nuneaton most of the gals are ***** and most of the lads are druggies. Society these days is ****, theres nothing to do in nuneaton for the young generation these days apart from sleep around and take drugs. Im not goin to go on bout the main areas where ***** go because we all no where they are e.g. mcdonalds, maddies carpark well sorry liquid and envy and the fountain.
If your born and bred in nuneaton like me its just an every day occurance because i think nuneaton is sound i no everyone and everyone knows my family so i dont get no **** but if your not from nuneaton then come and visit and you’ll realise how bad it is.

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