Nuneaton.. the lovely ****(and *********) of Higham Lane

WarwickshireWest Midlands

Well I have to say Higham Lane seems to be doing well for ***** at the moment. Due to the departure of Year 11s the ***** now thereticaly(yers I am a **** speller) own then school.

Hummmm… where to start. I know the “dead ard” lot in year 10. Well there is alot to say about them isn’t there. You come to school in the morning(if you manage to dodge the thousands of bikes flying past you) and as soon as you walk in you hit them. THE YEAR 10S. There is the pack of about 40+ ********* crammed down the corridors laughing and giving you smug and dirty looks as you walk past them. Then you hit the “dead ard” lads. You know the ones i mean. The ones who tuck there trousers into there socks thinking it makes them look good…they really need those make over ladies to come and sort them out.
Once you pass the first two periods you hit the canteen for a muffin(or whatever else you fancy eating) you buy your food then scan the room for a space to sit. Well the two end tables are taken up by the year 9 *****, so you cant sit there. And the end table is where the year 10 ********* sit. Ah yes, the breeding ground. Seeing that spot after they have left is also a treat. I’d hate to have to clear up after them.
Lunch time is your best bet for all your **** hunters out there. Try Brookdale gates. The “dead ard” year 10s come here every lunch for a ***! I don’t understand hy they think standing right outside school is so clever to have a *** anyway with Evans about, but then again they never really have won the ‘Brains of the Year’ award have they?!

Aaaaahhhhh moving swiftly on… The lovely year 9 chavvys. Well sitting in a room full of ***** every lesson may be a barrel of fun to the average oddbod but not to me. OH NO! If the ‘chalking’ and ‘farm yard animal noises’ isn’t bad enough we seem to get the bitchiness off the girls that never stops. “You said this to so n so n he said this to you and..” OH DOES IT EVER END???????? Oh I forgot to mention the rudeness of ***** to teachers… to any ***** out there who read this please note: it isn’t funny at all. just remarkably stupid!
To the **** hunters: Year 9 ********* congrigate in the ‘bogs’. No matter what bog. They are there! But for what purpose do you ask? Well for make-up and daily gossip of course. Yes you did hear right.. make-up. Did they put it on before they left the house??? yes! Do they really need anymore??? no! At least I wipe mine off before re-applying not plaster it over the old stuff time and time again, making me look like I’ve got a mud pack on.
Then there is lunch times. The Year 9 ***** will often be found still in school(ok not all of them), some go to…. wait can you guess???? Yes that’s right the local chippy and one-stop, where they will stand outside asking every person who passes if they “av a *** on ya?”. Ah bless.
But now I bet your thinking, what else can this person say about the year 9 *****. Well. Weekends(yes I seem to know alot about this dont I) you will find the ***** of year 9 and 10(it’s like hell on earth I tell thee) smoking and drinking. Yers where would a **** story be without getting pissed ay? If your thinking about looking for the Higham Hotspots for getting pissed try ‘Scabby Abby’ or ‘Sandon’, there tnds to be swarms there.

How grim is your Postcode?

Now, after all this excitment I bet you wondering what the year 7 and 8s are like. I have to say the year 7s are learning but the year 8s …….. WOAH THEY NEED TO CALM DOWN. I feel they are the next detrustive youths of today! With there ‘bling’, rockports and puffy coats on they are moving higher in the **** states then any year 8s before. Of course they are only about 3ft tall so they can’t really get ASBOs yet but they are on their way. Oh how I laugh when they make “dead ard” comments to me about being a goth(when I dont really see how I am) and the fact that they try to push in(yer very solid if u ask me) in the dinner que, and i trow it back in their faces makein quick remarks about things that you can see in there brains they are trying to understand, but sadly there brain doesn’t do more than 5 letter words if that.
Having said about the year 8s, it’s actually mainly the lads. Oh how I pity them.. but maybe there is hope for them yet?!

ah well I now think I ahve bored you enough with all my tales! =P This is now to to flutter around the school and give me many a bruise.. but it was worth it!!!!

Hey I think I might keep you informed with the ****** goings on … Bore you somemore =P

bye for now xx

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