nuneaton chavtown

WarwickshireWest Midlands

Well, where shall i start,Nuneaton aka ‘treacle town’. Everybody over rates certain areas in nuneaton like they say dat higham lane school is the c***s/chavettes of nuneaton.Thats aload of rubbish because i live in nuneaton and everyone knows higham lane school as being really posh. I think the school with the badest rep is george eliot,there’s loadz of c***s there they’ve got massive gates round it like a prison its that bad.
The best hang abouts for the c**v youths is the fountain in town and of course how could i forget mcdonalds. When it comes to the weekends all the lil c***s/chavettes go down riversley park drinking there cider and being absoloutely paraletic after about 2 swigs.
When i was abit younger i use to hang about down maddies carpark which is behing liquid and envy,thats where all the boy racers are with there pimped out cars thinking there bad and dat. Some people are scared to even walk past it at night because all you’d get is horns been blown and alot of abuse. Nuneaton is really bad for violence everyone is fighting or causing a fight. The best pub in nuneaton which is known for c***s is the famous ‘courtyard’ if anybody goes in there that isnt a c**v must have a death wish!
The trampest area in nuneaton is camp hill (tramp hill) its the scumiest place ever but the area that nobody would ever cause any trouble otherwise they’d get there head kicked in is hilltop.everybody knows the hilltop crew and the people who live round there cus it has such a bad reputation and everyone knows everyone round there so who ever lives in hilltop are safe cus its like a family area. The three hardest familys in nuneaton are ‘ harrisons’ ‘ ginnellys’ and the ‘darbys’.Everybody knows who they are and everybody knows not to mess with them,all these familys are like the mafia!!!! Neway i think ive stated the main things of nuneaton,i hope you will come and visit soon…………

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