Nuneaton – C**v Heaven

WarwickshireWest Midlands

Nuneaton is c**v-heaven. Like many small towns, chavdom is not restricted to the benefit-slut-thug-council sector, but is a virus spreading to so-called “respectable” areas. Even places like St Nic, which thinks of itself as part of the Nun’ton elite, is in fact an area where upper-class c***s have intimate relationships with drugs, bling and under-age slag-thug sex.

Swarms of chavettes with prams dominate the central area. No part of the town is safe. I have never seen such a bunch of fat ugly chavettetards in all my short life. There is a huge binge culture here; but there must be, no one would have sex with a c******e unless one is pissed and desperate.

One cannot fail to see a chavmobile if you decide to drive through the infamous Nun’ton maze of a ring road. The Citroen Saxo is the fav c**v status symbol round here; perhaps it is because the c***s-with-money cannot let go of the non-culture that pervades the area.

Nun’ton nightlife delightfully displays the chavdom. You have either cheesy bum-tit-bum-tit dance music, or gangster “R’n’B”. The students and the people with operating brains hide in places like the Nags or the Tav. These are mostly c**v-free zones. But people drink in fear – one cannot avoid the c**v-drunks at closing time.

Nun’ton is a f*****g disgrace of a town, the people are generally thick and stupid. (Some people call it “treacle-town”.) All the sensible people move out the area. Let the c***s rule this s**t heap. I am gone too.

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