Nuneaton, Chav Central

WarwickshireWest Midlands

Nuneaton is basically chav central, no matter what way you look at it, it’s either that or Trampsville but theres not really much difference is there?
The place where you should never go? Higham lane school. Unfortunately my school. Daily life of chav school: morning walking to school, chavs smoking making sarky comments about my ’emo’ get-up. First two lessons, chavs making stupid noises and making fun of me because I say stupid different (apparantly I say shtupid) Also they start asking whos house party is it to-night and will there be lots of booze? Break time, two chavs walk past and start shouting to each other ‘Bi….bi…’ etc because 3 of my best friends are bisexual. Next two lessons, pretty much the same thing as the first two but now they’re making fun of my other friend because she’s very religious and doesn’t understand some the things they ask her about. Lunch, chavs push past us in the queue claiming they’re year 11 when they are year 8 shrimps. They get in! Meanwhile me and my friends (all of us in year 11) have to wait another 5-10 minutes because they’ve run out of pizza and chips because of the chavs pigging out on them all. When on the playground we are very lucky because the chavs all leave us alone because they are off teasing some other group of people. Last two periods P.E, chavs moan at me because I’m not the best rounders player in the world and get caught out. They then ban me from playing in the next two games because they want to win. After school chavs congregate outside the gates having fags and spitting on the floor at our feet. Totally gross. They then either offer us a fag and laugh when we say no or ask if we have a fag on us. I am so glad when I get home because I can be myself and not worry about chavs making my life hell.

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