WarwickshireWest Midlands
I say ‘Gree’ you say ‘bo’.

[Thats a phrase commonly used by the Chavs around here.]

‘Yeah Mate, No mate, Got a spare fag mate?’

[yet another phrase thats always used.]

To be honest, I don’t think I’ve ever walked the streets of Nuneaton without seeing or hearing a burberry clad teenager.
Walk through town, and if you’re brave enough, walk past McDonalds.
What do you see?
A hoard of teenagers covered in Burberry, LaCoste and Rockport.
I remember last week, I walked past McDonalds at about 12 in the afternoon, where a bunch of them my sisters age [13] were already drunk. 12 in the afternoon, in the middle of the street?
Where’s your dignity!

It is often debated to which school round here is the worst for Chavs.
Well, here is the top 5
1. Alderman Smith
2. George Eliot
3. Higham Lane
4. Etone
5. Hartshill

Aldermam Smith is definately worse, as it is the nearest to Grove Farm.
However, if Camp Hill had a school I think that would be at the top.
Grove Farm and Camp Hill are just as bad as eachother.
[Jam packed with uber-chavs]

Camp Hill & Grove Farm would be catergorised as somewhat the ‘ghetto’. A lack of money, and education, mean these chavs have little money, or sense. Therefore, they are dressed head to toe in fake labels [and you thought the original ones were bad enough]  and all have about three children by the age of 17 cause they can’t afford anything better to do but have sex.

Weddington and Horestone grange are home to the crews such as ‘Weddy Massiv’ [i think that says it all.] These are the upper class chavs who can afford a range of chavtastic labels such as burberry, LaCoste, Hackett, Rockport, Von Dutch, and the list goes on… The majority of these chavs attend Higham Lane which, although the school doesnt like to admit it, has a major drug problem. Although, with the depature of this years year 11s it will significantly reduce in number. In this years year 11 at least someone was coked up, pilled up and stoned on Marijuana. Mainly because, unlike the poorer communitys of Camp Hill & Grove farm [where they have to steal, or twoc as they call it, to afford ‘weed’] these chavs have access to a lot of money from thier latchkey parents.

right, this is dragging on.
Any more questions, just ask.

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