The city of Nottingham thrives on it’s reputation as being “one of the best cities in the World.” According to whom, we aren’t quite sure… but you can hear it being said by proud local radio DJs and see it in the very manner of some of the local residents of the city, most notably the chavs who seem to feel the wearing of the traditional chav uniform is that little bit more privileged as it may have been bought from one of the ‘many’ trendy shops in this ‘trendy’ city.

Panorama featured the chav-infested city centre in a late night documentary in Autumn 2004. Aloof yobs rule the streets of Nottingham at night and the steps taken to prevent the continued rise of social disorder in the ‘famous old city’ (been listening to those radio DJs again!) include the banning of hen parties and stag dos.

But that only solves part of the problem. The city centre is indeed a dangerous place to be at night but no more pleasant on the eye during the day. The self-importance of some of the locals knows no bounds whatsoever… walk around the fashionable areas of town, that’s what they like to call them, and you are likely to come across a wide range of chavs. From the McDonalds (where else?) in the centre of the city to the two shopping centres, Nottingham’s chav population is on the rise.

It finally dawned on me just how bad the problem was when I was waiting to meet a friend in the Market Square, the biggest in England (the market place that is, not my friend). The sound of skateboards clattering and the gruff tones of the chavs – “wotyer on abahht?” or “ah ain’t got no moneh” made the bus journey out of the place seem more and more appealing.

That was until we arrived at the Bus Station at the arse end of the Victoria Centre. More Burberry than any of the ‘fashion’ outlets in the entire city combined was seen just in the queue for the bus to Sutton(?) alone. Chavs clearing their disgusting, heavily cigarette tarred throats, onto the floor and more foul and offensive language than a night with Wayne Rooney and Bernard Manning in Blackpool was more that we had to endure before we finally took our seats on the bus. As for some of the places we passed on our way out of the place,… I think they have to be seen to be (dis)believed.

Top 10 worst places to live in England 2018

i recently moved to nottingham from plymouth and was amazed with how many kevs(chavs) there were!twas only there for about four hours looking around the city centre and some chav started on me cause i wouldnt get out of his was when he was strutting! he babbled some nottingham dialect that even i couldnt understand tho i could understand the words c*nt and slap!unknown to him im a very accomplished martial artist and infront of his ‘bitchs’ i executed three nicely laid kicks into his red hair,spotty,burberry capped face!he still seemed to think he’s won tho his face was nicely painted with blood!damn chav

i now take it upon myself to insult every chav by naming them ‘chavs’ as there parents state benifit wont pay for a computer let alone internet access this means they probably wont know what ‘chav’ means and it just confuses them and this makes them angry which makes me feel great! i dont advice doing this in the middle of the meadows or st anns as youll be shot!

so i say we should all do it to those white clothed pricks who think theyre black cause the cant speak properly and have a crocked walk!damn i hate those chavy cu*nts

someone said in a post bout plymouth about a place called -swilley- this is scum town and all the tax evading, incest obsessed scum live!if you ever need you tires taken off for a new set park your car for a few minutes,theyll even remove you stereo so you can put your new one in!i think we should export the scum to australlia and turn it into a prison colony again

Top 10 worst places to live in England 2018

I am pretty sure, despite all other allegations, that Nottingham is the chav epi-centre of the United Kingdom. You can’t walk down any street without hearing the familiar ‘Narr, innit’ sounds (The good thing about chavs is that you can generally hear them before you see them!). It’s getting to a point where ‘hate’ would be the operative word for the rest of the ‘law abiding’ citizens of Nottingham – hate towards chavs. Anyway, why is Nottingham the chav kingdom of the UK i hear you ask.

– Most areas of the city have been taken over and duly decorated chav style. Areas like Sneinton, St. Annes, The Meadows, Clifton have all been taken over (I live in one of them). Houses are smashed in, burnt down – whatever it takes to keep the chavs entertained. When i can be arsed to take some photos you will see just how bad it is!

– There are more chav scooters and chav super cars than any normal cars. It is insane, a normal day would not be normal if you did not hear the sound of an enhanced fiesta growling round the streets with music blaring out of – NOT VERY GOOD SPEAKERS!!

– A night out would not be a normal night out if at least 2-3 chavs had not started on you for giving them a ‘tasty’ look. What the f*** is a tasty look? And what the hell does ‘beef’ mean. I mean, lets face it Nottingham was on Panorama for this very reason.

– I am thoroughly convinced that there is more ‘bling bling’ in Nottingham than anywhere else in the world. Not that its real gold – with 2 Argos’s in the city centre and also the classically named ‘Half Price Jewellery store’ – a must for chavs to visit.
–  Oh and there are more sports shops than any other type of shop in
Nottingham.  Particular chav attractions include – allsports (x3) and jd
sports (x2).  And there’s more burberry per person than in any other city.

When posting this comment there was the suggestion that i should make this funny – but seriously i dont find chavs funny, i think they’re the worst thing that ever happened to this country. They sponge off the state and drain everyone else of resources, if that wasnt bad enough they steal, deal drugs, initiate violence and generally cause trouble. Can someone tell me why they actually should even exist?

PS. Hats off to the man who defended himself against a group of chavs. He shot one of them in the face with a harpoon (accidentally of course).

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Top 10 worst places to live in England 2018

is nothing sacred? not only have chavs taken over areas like market square, and tryed to “rob” any nearby skaters of “dollars” (obviously failing to realise that in England the currency is the POUND), and also the ice stadium, which is now slightly dangerous due to the mass of chavs wearing knives on their feet, but of all the goddam places in nottingham, THEY GO TO ROCK CITY. picture this: a group of chavs, all dressed in matching white tracksuits and TN hats….. moshing. i dont know whether to cry in despair that the city has come to this, or cry with laughter because to watch, its so goddam hillarious!

Top 10 worst places to live in England 2018