Nottingham, the least friendly, intolerant city I have ever lived in

Living in Nottingham
Living in Nottingham

Well, I’ve been living in Nottingham for four months now and it is easily the least friendly, intolerant city I have ever had the displeasure of inhabiting. I was lucky enough to find a pretty sweet job in the Clifton area of the city and rapidly found accommodation in the area.

I was born and raised in what could be described as a tough area in Leeds, but nothing could prepare me for this sh**hole. People here are predominantly white and overwhelmingly racist, ill-educated morons and it’s that fact that I can’t stand about this place. Most of the inhabitants are extremely intolerant of anyone coming from outside the area- which is weird when you consider that Nottingham considers itself a modern cosmopolitan city!

A recent trip to the city centre for a night out with a mate ended in complete disaster when a typical specimen questioned my accent and demanded to know why I was in HIS CITY! I’ve been all over Britain and never received such abuse in all my life. However, this attitude is endemic in this city, where the majority seem to believe that Nottingham is the beginning and the end of the Earth.

How grim is your Postcode?

The general ne’er-do-wells in the area are especially aggressive and I genuinely struggle to understand what they’re saying. I don’t want to have a go – I have no problem understanding the people at work but the people I live with use a virtually indecipherable dialect which sounds like a cross between Jamaican, South London and Birmingham with a Nottingham twist.

Nottingham in general is actually alright, but there exists a horrible minority that is bringing it down. Maybe it’s time that the authorities did something about this, until they take over. Oh, and by the way, ASBOs do not work- they are seen as a badge of honour and most of these idiots wear the dubious accolade with pride.



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