Nottingham? It should be called Shottingham.

Living in Nottingham
Living in Nottingham

I lived in Nottingham all my life before recently moving to London. I can safely say that Areas in Nottingham are literally a no go – on the same level as Afghanistan. Bilborough, Broxtowe, Basford and St Anns are just massive council estates filled with hooded ***** who openly carry weapons and drugs on them.

I lived in Bilborough for 5 years, and I can safely say I was not prepared for what I was about to see and do. A short walk to the shops on my first day lead to me being offered drugs by about 10 different groups of Lads all offering me drugs claiming they were the hard man round here, or that they were related to ***** Gunn.

But these ***** are not the common Umbro wearing dole dosser, these ***** are gangsters in Nottingham. Tattoe’d up, gold teeth, gang colour clothing, in BMW’s and Mercs driving round the estates openly selling guns, drugs and also pimping out ***********.

How grim is your Postcode?

The most famous street in Nottingham is Forest Road. A quick trip to Forest Road in Radford will beg belief. Open *********** stand at every corner and crevice along this road. THATS RIGHT ***********, are openly selling themselves on a road which is still regulary patrolled by police. Madness. A friend living in Basford recently had their window shot in by a shotgun, no reason just some random hoodlum letting of some steam.

However the drug problem in Nottingham is the worst part about it. There are literally thousands of them scattered across many towns and districts in Nottingham however the main congregation are in the town centre which if you find yourself down a wrong alleyway you might find yourself getting stabbed. So many people have horror storys of Nottingham

These are not your common Liverpool ****, all umbro’d up drinking white lightning. The ***** in Nottingham really are the scariest in England, these lads really have no morales and would honestly take on anyone, as they think they are that hard!

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