Living in Nottingham
Written by Anonymous Visitor and posted in Nottinghamshire, United Kingdom

I lived in Nottingham all my life before recently moving to London. I can safely say that Areas in Nottingham are literally a no go – on the same level as Afghanistan. Bilborough, Broxtowe, Basford and St Anns are just massive council estates filled with hooded chavs who openly carry weapons and drugs on them.

I lived in Bilborough for 5 years, and I can safely say I was not prepared for what I was about to see and do. A short walk to the shops on my first day lead to me being offered drugs by about 10 different groups of Lads all offering me drugs claiming they were the hard man round here, or that they were related to Colin Gunn.

But these chavs are not the common Umbro wearing dole dosser, these chavs are gangsters in Nottingham. Tattoe’d up, gold teeth, gang colour clothing, in BMW’s and Mercs driving round the estates openly selling guns, drugs and also pimping out Prostitutes.

The most famous street in Nottingham is Forest Road. A quick trip to Forest Road in Radford will beg belief. Open prostitutes stand at every corner and crevice along this road. THATS RIGHT PROSTITUTES, are openly selling themselves on a road which is still regulary patrolled by police. Madness. A friend living in Basford recently had their window shot in by a shotgun, no reason just some random hoodlum letting of some steam.

However the drug problem in Nottingham is the worst part about it. There are literally thousands of them scattered across many towns and districts in Nottingham however the main congregation are in the town centre which if you find yourself down a wrong alleyway you might find yourself getting stabbed. So many people have horror storys of Nottingham

These are not your common Liverpool chav, all umbro’d up drinking white lightning. The chavs in Nottingham really are the scariest in England, these lads really have no morales and would honestly take on anyone, as they think they are that hard!

  • DD

    Notts is an absolute sh*t hole. Always has been, always will be.. Born and bred notts all my life and the reason im still here…… Well, you can get owt you want any time, any day. You CAN get away with murder.. Area dependant obviously..
    If your a decent person, don’t bother looking to move to notts..
    Any decent people in Notts are always looking to get the f*ck out.
    Even the more affluent areas like west bridgford, east bridgford and heading into the vale are turning scummier by the minute, attracting low-life scum from all the hardest spots in the area like (st annes, forest field, stabbo-(stapleford), bilborough, basford, Long Eaton, ratcliffe, radford, clifton, mapley, colwick… The list goes on) as the residents and PF in these more rural areas are easy, soft, rich pickings..

  • linz

    I’ve never read some much bullshit in my life.Bilbrough is a lovely place to live with very friendly for the gangs you must be the only one that’s seen them. Ffs pathetic

  • Steve Hopewell

    What a steaming pile of old honk!!! Offered drugs ten times … really??? Btw, the author omitted to mention that they were standing by the pharmacy counter in Boots! !!

  • Mary

    I moved from Tamworth 10 months ago and I love it here!

  • Neil King

    We’re you on drugs!!!!! I’ve lived here all my life in various parts of Nottingham and travelled through the rest it has it’s bad places just like most places. But what you have written is complete fiction and there’s more truth in Harry Potter.

  • Jason McEvoy

    I’ve lived in Bilborough for 18 years I’ve never been offered drugs or prostitutes so whoever wrote this is chatting crap.

  • Guy

    Anyone taking this article seriously needs their head examined. Somebody wants attention

  • Nicky Kin Feng Chan

    I’ve lived in nottinghaam all my life up until last autumn (due to uni) and all I have to say is that you can’t base a city around a few places you’ve been, like I’ve said I’ve lived in Nottingham all my life until recently and the worst that’s happened is some one breaking in to our shed but that could happen any where so this is just a load of bull.

  • Kj

    I think the writer is on crack

  • Julianjulio

    Um, I live in thee present. Nottingham USED to be called – jokingly and seriously – Shottingham (as I tell people here, in South America), but that was 15-20 years ago: now, I love Nottingham, I feel very safe walking around the city centre, Lenton, Beeston… It is now a very cool city.
    The prostitutes a part of life – that the Police know about and tolerate it.

  • Bethany Derbyshire

    As a woman who has also lived in Nottingham all of my life, I can safely say that this article is utter garbage. For most of my life I lived in Aspley, which has the highest teen pregnancy rating in Nottingham and high drug use but have never come across any situation that has been stated above. Granted I did not venture into ‘dangerous’ areas but living in an area with such a bad reputation you could have been mistaken into thinking that gangs were on every corner and stabbings happening every day. I also lived in Bilborough and the biggest threat there was being run over by an electric wheelchair. Again I can only generalise but when people write things like this it is no wonder that Nottingham has such a negative reputation and image, always overwriting the good that happens in Nottingham every day.

  • Daz

    What a load of rubbish i moved from london to nottingham 8 years ago ran a night club in center of nottingham and its not that bad at all

  • Jay

    What an insightful, well thought out and not to mention un-biased load of absolute crap.

  • Joe Casper Knight

    It’s not that bad. I’ve only seen a maybe gunshot once while on a bus through bullwell.

  • Ricky

    What a massive pussy.

  • Bird83

    Biggest load of crap I have ever read.

  • Mark Kemp

    A load of tosh, Nottingham does have a criminal element (like most cities) but this person is living in la la land. I have lived there all my life except for the past few years and no way is it as bad as this person tries to make out. Total fantasy.