‘Notanam’ or Nottingham as any well educated person would pronounce it is one of the over-sized petri dishes used to produce such a huge amount of **** **** on an hourly rate. Although they can seen during day light hours, usually in a group of 5 – 20+ ******* around smoking, shouting, swearing and blinging, they are mainly noctural. Operating mainly from 4pm ( When the schools closed) to 10pm ( When their curfew starts ). Of course during the weekends all ***** will descend on the town centre, even importing them in from the out lying areas like Clifton and Strelley. Anything that looks like it can be used as a seat, centrally located and in the way of normal people will be flocked upon by young ***** trying to ascend to **** Royalty. Entry to **** royalty starts at 16 when they can buy **** by themselves and occasionally beers in various notorious off-licences. However imagine their suprise when they try and buy alcohol in reputable suppliers only to be refused on the basis they look to young. The next step is to make it to their 18th birthday without being stabbed by an aspiring young *****.
Once 18 they somehow can afford a car, clothes,**** (Lambert & Butler or below) and a ***** hoe of almost legal age who is impressed by his belongings, ringtone and pimp limp.
With his newly appointed ‘*****’ he will begin to spread his royal oats and a serious case of the clap between her, her mates ( who will also spread to his mates and possibly back to his ‘*****’ ) and relatives, close or distant. If only it could be something more fatal like a 12 bore shotgun blast to their face! Now with their new **** baby and entitlement to free everything they live their comfortable life in perpetual darkness in the crack den which they’ve set up in their modest abode. Possibly one of the only good points of ***** is that these dens keep them off the streets and encourage them to OD on various hard drugs.

They are considered an underclass, if so how do they **** on the general populas as frequently as they do, like a a backward Caste system.

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