Written by Anonymous. Posted in South East

Thorpe Park- in otherwords the magnet which sucks in any chav/p***y from the surrounding s**t holes, including staines, feltham, slough etc (which are only s**t holes because of the chavs that have infested these poor helpless areas.) I work there (ashamed to say it, but its close and the moneys ok). But The small area of land seems to attract the worst chavs. These chavs enter the park Tracksuit cladded with an atire that must have been thought of in the dark, with a mission and one mission only, to cause havoc, by breaking everything they see, swearing at every person that walks pass and making everyone who works there lives hell! But yes they may wear odd clothes and yes the vocabulary that escapes there filty trap is rude, nothing compares to lack of brain cells that is evident in these chavs. Most people come to a theme park to go on rides and games, but oh no, chavs are not most people, they are of another genre in the human race, if we can even catergorise them in the human race. Cos they do not tend to go on the rides, they seem to think that sitting in MacDonalds or hanging round the lockers is a much better way to spend there pointless extistence. So you people who are not of the chav nature please come to thorpe park so that we can get rid of this p***y central image.

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