Norwich and it’s litter tray newspaper.

East AngliaNorfolk

Norwich is wonderful, historic, interesting city. However Norwich is ruined by its inhabitants, who are mostly ******, by development, which is mostly *****, by the police who are mostly **** or hired hobbybobby pcso *****, by the council who are all crooked *****, by migrants who are turning our historic streets and shops into baazaars, and most of all by our old “fighting for norwich” friends, the eastern evening news. What a ******* joke this shitrag is only of use to line a cat litter tray, headlines like “MAN SPILLS TIN OF PAINT” do not make a newspaper, it’s a ******* gossip column of morons who’ve been in court and how ******* wonderful the courts, the pigs, the corrupt council, cctv, the **** buses, the **** trains, the road system, and new ******* development is, when it is really just a pack of lies used to entice idiots to move to norwich to bring in extra revenue (backhanders) and perhaps make norwich a little less ******.

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