Norwich – A Fine City

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A controversial entry? The capital of East Anglia, Cathedral city, all cobbled streets and Middle Class Horsey people. All these things yes but from what I see, Norwich is now a fine city of chavs!!
From the chav ghettos of Mile Cross and Larkman to the emerging havens of Bowthorpe and Lakenham, Norwich is supporting an ever increasing density of Deans, Waynes, Dales, Chelseas and Alishas.
Two reasons…the lower cost of housing and proximity of the council estates to the city have created an influx of chavs from Essex and Kent. You can take the Dal (Darren) out of sh(P)itsea, but ya can’t take the shitsea out of Dal. So he turns up with Shaz and the chavscum offspring, buys a three bed semi in Bowthorpe with the proceeds of the sale of his two bedroom council maisonette and settle downs to his new life as lord of the manor. Within a week he’s called the whole f*****g family daaan sarf and they set about doin the same. Unable to tell the difference from Southend, the newly naturalised Norfolk chavs head for Yarmouth on a beano in search of Jellied Eels and Pie and Mash. I swear the other day I sat behind a convoy of Novas and mrk 1 cavaliers on the A140 heading to Norwich, that was Dal’s family I just know it!
Reason number two…Delia w*****g Smith! She has pumped money into the ‘canaries’ (Chav bird of choice called Joey) and this year they were promoted. The victory parade drew thousands of loyal chavs onto the streets, sales of Burberry hats went through the roof as the locals felt compelled to compete with the Manchester and Arsenal scum.
With premiership football on offer Norwich has become a chav magnet!
More proof, the other day a french market was in the city. I watched as hundreds of mindless zombie-like Garys (Gal) and Mels bumped into each other, tripped over their gold(ish) hoops and became lost as the middle classes tried in vain to claim back their city centre. The routine of McD’s, Poundland (where the chavs still search for sale items at 50p) and Primark was lost and so they headed to safety, shopping in Magdalen Street.

I feel driven to write this as I reached the final straw last night – dressed up as chav-like as I could to go and see GoldieLookinChain – ‘Classic’ Burberry shirt, cap, white jogging bottoms and thick white socks..even a bling gold necklace with a dollar sign on it – and walked a mile to the pub……..Nobody batted a f*****g eyelid! I even got ‘repsec’ from a couple of pre-teens sitting on their BMXs. I think they wanted my socks…………..

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