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Magdalen street on a friday night, spectator sport or what?.

If the dedicated chavspotter is brave enough, he or she can venture on to Magdalen street on any Friday or Saturday night, to do so you must have 3 things, 1 balls of steel, 2 a digital camera, 3 a handgun. Once you are so equiped you can then go to Magdalen street, to watch the most verminous cretins you will ever have the displeasure of witnessing.Not only do you have the council house boy racers going round and round the block, you have the Ben Sherman and Burberry twats to look out for, that’s as long as thestreet has’nt been closed off because someone else has been killed in the cat and fiddle. If you can survive that, then so far so good,you,ve got through anglia square without being mugged by the ATL [above the law] crew, now you’ve got to encounter the ratboys under the flyover, with their “got a fag mate”? bastards. Thats as long as you have,nt slipped over on dogshit or a discarded kebab. It’s not unusual to find a drunken chavster asleep in an alleyway, you can then steal their mobile, money, wallet, house keys, ect, this is a good way of getting back at these *******. If you are dumb enough to go any further you will find yourself in tombland home of the cathedral and also of ikon, **** central, you would not believe the ***** in there, what more can I say?.

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