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norwich and the inbred bastard chavs on bikes

In f*****g norwich you can’t f*****g walk anywhere without nearly being run over by some f*****g little ratboy or big ratboy for that matter. These scumcunts seem to forget that the pavement is for walking on and think that the road is just for crossing and nicking car stereos from. You can deter the vermin by having a large nasty dog as i have, and carry a thick dog chain. Their s**t mountain bikes are always nicked, possibly from your own back garden, and they always have a baseball cap. These f*****g ASBO’S on wheels need to be terminated as soon as possible, do not tolerate them, if one comes along don’t move out of the way, make them have to ride on the road for the first time without stabilisers, kick their bikes, stab their tyres, set the dogs on them, punch them, once you have hurt a few, word spreads fast, these reptiles need to be culled, there is even one of these c***s that rides about all day with a ghettoblaster playing shite drum and bass, in a white tracksuit, this prick is soon to be featured in chavscum, once i get a photo of the bastard.

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