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I will give 1 billion quid to the person who can find a normal person in the main shopping area of Northfield. I myself am fortunate enough not to live too close but I do go there often and every (and I do mean every) time I go there I can’t see a normal person through the masses of Nike, Burberry, Le Coq(ck) Sportif and fat heffas who can no longer get into Macdonalds for the staple diet of grease and fat because of their 4×4 buggies that seat all 7 of their spawn in a straight line.

I think I have the reason sussed though. There is a Macdonalds, KFC, Three cooks, Argos, ‘Market’ and to top it all off there is the Gosvenor. This place is a complex of JJB Sports, Super Drug, Tescos and Burger King!

Ugh, anyway if you thought Weoley Castle was bad, well this is only the start, sratching the grimy surface if you like. There IS more but I will leave that to some other poor sod who has been there.

Northfield, giving Kevs and single moms somewhere to while away their worthless lives since 1946.

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