Anyone who is unfortunate enough to either live or having visited Northfield will know that it is chav central, full of dole dossers, single mothers, crackheads, slags and scum of society congregate.

Usually congregating in the in shopping centre, Mcdonalds and 3 Cooks Cafe thought mostly in the shopping centre dressed like some clone army or rather tragically making some fashion statement.

They sit in 3 cooks cafe swearing at the babies whilst giving them a lung full of second hand smoke at the same time talking about how hard their drug dealer boyfriend is and chatting about how they are going to spend their benefit money.

Whilst walking through Northfield during the summer you are guarenteed to see wannabe gangsters topless whilst swigging a can of cheap larger on the benches outside the shopping centre shouting abuse at passers. Even worse is the scantly cladded whores that parade themselves in tiny tank tops with rolls of fat hanging out shouting down their mobile phones pretending that they are important.

Victoria Common is also another place these vermin hang out most of them high off crack
No wonder they are building a bypass so that people who have no choice but to pass through Northfield don’t feel like rape victims. Better still instead of a bypass I recommend a small thermonuclear device.

Top 10 worst places to live in England 2018

S**t a monkey!
If you’ve ever wanted to see the arse drippings of society, come to crack soaked northfield. Marvel at the site of toothless tattoed chav mums, dressed in black fuckin leggings, hooped earings the size of the london eye, pushing baby Ronaldo in his stroller, the one with the blue and white striped seat that looks like a cheap plastic bag from pound stretcher. Cry into your lap, as you watch her beat him black and blue for throwing an ‘eppy. Drop your Jaw in awe, of the thousands of chavs, pouring into the grosvenor shopping centre. Having just collected their dole, they are now off to get a £5 bag of smack to take up to the top level of the car park and get fucked, before catching the 18 bus to weoley castle, where upon alighting they will enter ‘Booze Buster’ , rob the place blind, then do a rape on the way home. Cock suckers.

Top 10 worst places to live in England 2018

Anyone that has had the pleasure of waiting at the lights by Northfields premier shopping centre must have had that ‘am I on the set of Dawn of the Dead feeling’. To get that many faded puple tracksuit tops on that many men, woman, teenagers, zombies is really something. The City Council must be considering adding a pushchair lane to the overcrowded pavements. They would need to ensure that ashtrays (vandel proof) are place every few feet so the single mums can stub out and relight without littering the already litter full street.
The streets are so awash with chavs wearing retro football shirts (not for fashion but because they bought/stole one in the eighties to celebrate winning an ‘auto windscreen or something cup’ and why buy the new one anyway?!). The local Argus has stayed afloat due to the amount of gold it has to import to keep the chav necks looking as good as gold!
Northfield has proffessional wierdo chavs- employed by someone to beg off your standard chavs in order that the chavs anger has an outlet throughout the shoplifting experience. How the government can manage to keep the economy afloat when an area like Northfield has Monday to Friday 90 per cent of its population in the town centre doing, well, nothing but earning chav kudos points, is a mystery to me.

Top 10 worst places to live in England 2018