Northampton: come one, come all and suck us dry

Northampton is a shining example of rapid post war expansion gone wrong. I’m certain the planners of the day were doing their best but it seems like the ‘ton was a Friday afternoon rush job. after spraying the town centre with concrete they then saw fit to build a shanty town encircling the main arena. This explosion of rat run housing in the 1960’s and 70’s attracted **** from near and far which in turn led to the invasion of the town centre. I still remember the “riot” in the Grosvenor Centre (Shopping centre) in 1989 which really only involved 50 or so ‘townies’ as they were then called, running though the crowd punching people and stealing bags. Some places have cheese rolling and burning barrels of straw, we have strip-mugging.

Lots of businesses saw the potential workforce flocking to Northampton and decided to set up shop in the thick of it. So now we had vast swathes of countryside covered with large industrial estates. The problem was that this potential workforce had already been signed up to the easiest job in town, the dole and there was no chance of them re-training now. the businesses faltered but did not fail, for now we have not only the dole scrounging **** but also the industrious ****, in the form of our East European cousins who really do work as hard as people say but also have the morals and manners of a sewer rat enabling them to work all night and spend all day drinking and spitting in the street and if the fancy takes them, stopping you in the street to tell you how grateful you should be that they are here to work as we are all so lazy. Well maybe if you had worked this hard at home, then your own country wouldn’t be such a ********.

Well Northampton, you had the chance to keep one of your sons with you but you ****** it didn’t you? After too long being punished for having a job i am finally off to pastures new, leaving town is the only way to ensure that my girlfriend and i can raise kids in a place where they have a chance of turning out half decent. Keep your Chavtown and i hope you rot.