Northampton (An Anti Chav Tirade)

East MidlandsNorthamptonshire

I have had the sad misfortune to witness the decline of this once great midlands town into a shrine to scum and villainy over the last three decades. It is now characterized by the illiterate chav (presumeably like Tinkerbell in an earlier post) and the annoying little trumped up ‘driver’ chav who charges around the subsiding Sixfields entertainment complex car park and the Time and Envy nightclub car park in their pathetic little neon light clad Novas and Astras.

It is now a source of embarrassment to admit living near this town. It has been defaced and disfigured by the numerous scum who live in sections of the Eastern District Development, the area known as the Mounts and the Grafton Road area. I don’t mean to tarnish everyone who lives in these places but surely these areas are now completely over run with the chav?

As for Weston Favell shopping centre – well, it simply reflects the surrounding suburb with spotty little chavs milling around like mindless drones, uneducated, uncultured, and without the brain power to even recognize how ridiculous and stupid they all appear to the few remaining intelligent and adjusted people who have to use the centre because they have no choice.

Approaching Northampton on the train from London you pass through the lovely rolling Northamptonshire countryside with its beautiful villages and woodlands but then it hits you like a spade on the head. The town looks awful! It is a dump characterized by distribution warehouses and rusty gas tanks that litter the edge of the River Nene. The estates that surround and choke the town, including the new areas beyond Duston towards the M1, encroach into the countryside and threaten to gobble up the as yet unchaved areas.

It has become a paradise for the chav from the Wellingborough Road which must have the highest population density of chavs per square metre for the whole country to the horrendous chav infested Grovenor Centre.

The plans to knock down and redevelop the frankly gargantuan bus station that dominates the town centre and makes one feel as if they have been sucked down into the ninth level of hell can only welcomed by all those who want to see the re-emergence of the former county town. But it does not go far enough. The rest of the chav contaminated town centre and main arterial routes must be demolished or extensively redeveloped. The chav must be hounded from the town back into sewers from whence they crawled.

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