North EastYorkshire

Northallerton is definetly the poor relation of the North Yorkshire market towns, compared to Richmond, Thirsk and Bedale etc it is scruffy and run down. In the town we have various areas to avoid such as Ashlands, Patterson Crescent, Prospect View(the only prospect to look forward down here is being robbed or shouted at by a scruffy 9 year old in white trackies), Meadow Lane, Greenhowsyke Lane, Valley Road and the Bullamoor area. We have a housing programme in the town where people are moved here directly from prison, which inevitably has brought in even more smackheads than we had before(a large amount for a small town). On market days(sat and wed afternoon) the town is brimming with people and has a nice atmosphere but come night time or any normal daytime and it’s time for the charver crew. They love to congregate round the cross, like in Richmond only our cross is tiny and unnatractive, they hang around any alleyway but are mainly seen ‘down Garth'(Applegarth Park) or ‘down VG’ or ‘down Broomy’, other parks littered with little c***s dressed in there burberry caps, white tucked in trackies with footy socks and stripey jumpers. Northallerton is basically full of c***s and druggies and is not the quaint little market town you would expect. The reputation of the town was once nice but thanks to the c**v and Boro smackhead invasion it is now basically a s******e.

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