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With the historically dangerous Woodcock road estate in the south of North Norwich, the ‘gray’ area of Mile Cross’s ***** Towers next door, and the **** estate that is Ives Road to the north, anyone wanting to live privately in this area avoiding such lovelies as bony-white-faced drudged up *****, should look elsewhere. Anything goes here, from large scale steal thefts from local business [1], to the thieves and ASBO junkies in Ives Road Pennyroyal [2], and domestic violence ringing out at night in the Woodcock estate.

Police are a rarity unless you have an overdue parking ticket. I rented a property in this area for 8 months and made a list of my observations for the record.

* Loud music
* Youths milling about
* Adults drinking in the streets
* Drunk revelers
* Fights
* People milling about in the shadows
* Never ending DIY
* Skivers from school
* The workshy and aimless
* Bullying and racism openly in the street
* Shouting, swearing in the street
* Quiet families forced out
* Rubbish in gardens
* My bike stolen
* My parcels stolen
* Aggressive driving
* Garden trespass
* Dogs barking at night and running wild
* Late night parties
* Fireworks off season
* Noisy kids
* Children crying their way to school
* Cats howling for hunger
* Drugged up manic adults
* Openly smoking cannabis
* Wife beating in street
* Domestic arguments

The Norfolk Constabulary website profiles Norwich north and the surrounding estates which summarizes just nicely.

“There are areas within the Mile Cross, Catton and Fiddlewood (Ives Road) neighbourhood that are amongst the most deprived in England and, as with any urban area, there are a number of policing challenges. With the large amount of people living in the area there are a number of issues including drug misuse, criminal damage and anti-social behaviour.”

See you on the street corner!

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