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North of Manchester city centre lies an area Charles Darwins theory of evolution has escaped for the past 2000 years.

It says a lot about the area when the Author Anthony Burgess writer of A Clockwork Orange lived and died in this area the Mecca for these idiots is harpurhey or ‘ar-pur-ay’ as it is called where the local market is the centre of attractions by day full of ***** avoiding school, social workers, police, parents and being a bigger pain in the rectum than haemorrhoids.
there is of course the obligatory Maccy D’s however this one has been (it is alleged) in trouble with the EHO for food hygiene, (It would go someway to explain the behaviour of the local idiots).
If you were to visit this place before 12 you would this it the same as any other area however this may be because the Neanderthals need their sleep however once a week the do of course need to form orderly queues outside the post office on giro day one for mummy or daddy to collect the social and another queue of delinquents 14 and 15 year old with knives to rob everyone else of theirs. once they have been to the post office then it is off to the scabbiest supermarket in the country (no offence to the proprietors they cant do anything bout their customer base) where it is value bread beans bog roll white ***** for the 13 yr old sister special brew for the dad etc etc the alcohol addiction starts in this place at about 8 and is the reason there is still a market for cheap cider. Friday nights little ‘bekkoh’ can be found in a local church yard or boggart hole clough park lying back pissed and thinking of England usually with a different lad each week. these girls are more experienced than some profession **** stars and have had more rides than the big dipper at Blackpool

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