North Cheam, you could mistake that whole area for a war torn country

Living in North Cheam
Living in North Cheam

Where to start with north cheam….hmm. first off let me start by saying that i spent the first ten years of my life growing up here in the early eighties, playing on the road with my friends after school etc etc and it was a generally nice place. Something has gone seriously wrong with this town!

I Drive through the area nearly every day on the way to work in kingston and the first thing i get reminded of are the scenes from robocop were there are burnt out, derelict buildings etc etc and gangs ******* around left, right and centre.  lets start with the biggest building in the town, the dirty office building from the stone-age which has the queen vic pub behind it (shut down and boarded up) and every other shop below it closed as-well theres about 6 in total. the only reason they haven’t knocked it down is because of the ****** betting shop which is still holding out, of course this will never close because of the customers that go in there are 90% dole ********** who have never worked a day in their life and spending it all on their betting. So the building will never get knocked down and main part of north cheam looks like a war zone.

Then there’s the carpet right building next to the closed down woolies which was set on fire months ago and is still boarded up. speaking from some one who has actually been in war torn countries, you could honestly mistake that whole area as somewhere out of Kosovo or somewhere very similar. then moving on from there you have the local mac’ds which is a major hang around for all the **** wipes in their tracksuits and nike hats and diamonds ******* out of there ears which look bigger then the ones on my chandelier in my house, who will try to start on you whilst being completely unprovoked because you looked at them!. Not to mention the more advanced version, the so called “boy racer” in his 1.0 VX corsa with an Exhaust that is bigger then a drainpipe! who tears it up and burns out the tyres on the asphalt.

How grim is your Postcode?

Then almost opposite you have the poormans pub (weatherspoons) which is full of either underage pregnant girls or ******* taking thugs who wear t-shirts that are two times to small! theres never any mix. moving down heading in to Stonecot isn’t so bad and begins to look more like a developed country! although there is a housing estate down there which is a spawning ground for all that is wrong with this country!. If i could have one area to be demolished and properly sorted out it would be north cheam! it used to be such a great place full of childhood memories and now its a dive! and if u don’t believe me about the war torn part then take a drive through and see for your selfs, just remember to lock the doors.

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