No More for MOREcambe

LancashireNorth West

The local town centre here in Sunny Morecambe Bay is full of 1 parent mothers (well Kids) walking round pushing the silver cross prams and buggies, with earrings that are bigger than there ears, there hair pull back so tight it looks like its painted on, there rather in trackies or belts (short skirts). carrying Home bargin or Tesco bags with netto shopping in them. then off to the post office for there weekly benefits, then they go home and return later to get pissed and probley get a quickie round the back of the pubs they go into and 9 months later we start all over again.
The corner of each street nearly has around 15 youths ******* around drinking lynx and smoking L&B **** and the odd joint what they got there older mates to sort out for them, with they trackie legs tucked into there brilliant white socks. the cops are called and they arrive and move them from 1 corner to the other corner.
The older ones are in the local Gala trying to win the weeks beer money, with not a lot of luck they send the young ones out to beg and steal from the unfortunate ones who try and make Morecambe a respectible town to live in.

This county is not being run by the Goverment but the youths 12 – 18 who palge our streets day in day out night after night and are stopping the good people of the UK go about there normal lives without fear of these little brats.

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