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Earlestown, used to be one of the nicest towns in the North West. Unfortunately the town became part of Merseyside and from then on things started to go downhill. St. Helens council now regard Earlestown as one of its boroughs; and you only have to look at St. Helens to realise what a disaster that is. The chavscum(cs) women are all there to see, walking around with their enormous bellies hanging out of their crop tops, invariably dark brown from their hours on the cancer bed, and a fake jewel to further enhance their stretch marks. The main shopping area, Market Street, has all the usual cheap clothes shops and cheap butchers where the cs can pick up their imitation designer wear and imitation meat. There are no good shops, as the cost is beyond the dole or disability payments they all recieve, so don’t go there looking for Ralph Lauren or Goldsmiths or fillet steak. The area is full of council houses packed with cs and their cs kids. You can buy a new house for under £60.000. because no one who works wants to buy them. And all because the boundaries were moved.

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