Living in Newton-le-Willows, Merseyside
  Written by Anonymous. Pic Via

I’m sorry, but reading the stories, you people obviously overreacted. Try coming to a place that’s roughly half way between Liverpool and Manchester and see the scummy overflow there. In Newton if you leave your house after the local schools finish you will most probably be accosted by some little 12 year old gypsy/chav c**t gang and assailed by constant shouts of “giz a ciggie or ill spark ye meyyyt” until you either relent and give them said cigarette or if you don’t smoke, flee at high speeds.

At night, if you live anywhere near a secluded area like a park or covert waste ground, you’re sure to be kept awake by illiterate screaming and violent, drunken shouting who head there with their 3 litres of cheap cider to avoid our non existent police force. Of course the older ones who can get into pubs and clubs, frequent all the market side pubs until chucking out time, where they enter the local nightclub till 4 am then stab someone, piss on a car, brick a window and steal various roadsigns to put on their bedroom door at the mums house.

These “people” need f*****g shooting [in my imagination]. They wander around littering, making the town look worse than it already does, shouting there ignorant ill justified opinions at the top of their lungs, polluting my air with combinations of sweat, blood, lynx and cigarette smoke. Acting all cool and hard going on little rants about how “uuhhhh yerr forinuhhs are uh tekin ar jobs mayyt vats yyy uuu cudnt get a job at maccys.” yeah sure… or maybe you’re such a useless piece of s**t, that not even a place where all you have to do is scoop chips into a paper bag and hand people a burger would employ you, you worthless pieces of dogshit.  Lets hope they all die in a fire [in my imagination].

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