Newton Abbot

DevonSouth West

Well well well….what can i say?!?! i have lived in and around newton abbot for most of my life, something which I am most certainly NOT proud of. Although it does have its good points, such as it makes any holiday you go on so much better as you’re so glad to get out of this hell hole!!

There are two keys areas which need to be avoided at all times. These being buckland and milber, where interbreeding seems to be the latest fashion. If you havent had a baby by the age of 15, you tend to get bullied at school. that is of course only if you could save up the money from the copius benifits you receive in order to attend any sort of educational establishment for *****, a concept not really understood by normal people. This is due to the revised subjects which are taught, which tend to branch off from the national curriculum ever so slightly. where lessons such as nappy changing, the fine art of stealing, and how to modify your car to look like an aeroplane replace more traditional subjects such as maths. The only maths that needs to be done by any **** is addition, as they need to keep track of how many children they have and how much money they make through selling their “home growns”.

I am one of the lucky ones who have managed to get away from this poor excuse of a town. But unfortunately, I am scarred for life with the memories and experiences I have taken away with me. Most of which have arisen form my time spent working at the towns only club “enigma”….how apt. where assault, drugs and public shagging is part of the dress code. The concept of ID seems to be misunderstood here also, as OVER 18’s are frowned upon.
The best thing that could happen to this backward little town would be if a massive wall was built round buckland and milber and to use that area as a prison for thie filthy ***** who inhabit this ghetto. This will therefore save those who dont deserve to be affected by the behaviour of said *******, and who deserve to live a normal, peaceful life. but then again. it would be a much better idea to just move as far away from this ****** capital of the world as soon as is humanly possible, taking all of your possesions with you, as they most certainly won’t be there when you get back!!!!

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