Newton Abbot, Devon

DevonSouth West

A town with highest Novas per **** count in the country. You’ll find them ******* around the standard Spar Shop/GP Stores with that pissed off, Acne stained look of depression that haunts them for the rest of their meaningless existence.

Burberry and Von Dutch have only just reached here so its like an explosion of vomit styled tartan, but really popular in the towns only club “Enigma!”, how appropriate…

If you haven’t had a kid by the age of 16 or at least been inside for stretch you’re considered an abject failure, such is the demand for Housing Association properties.

Buckland and Broadlands are the typical breeding ground for these people, whose mothers waddle along the streets like some kind of Viz “Fat *****” competition, but the oozy, septicness of chavdom is slowing seeping throughout the whole society, its difficult to find an area that is untouched.

If you live here, leave, if you dont, thank god this bunch of farmer ***** doesn’t infect your local area.

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