Newstead Village

Welcome to Newstead Village, The home of ***** and to a better extent…Skaters.

The local hotspot for the professional ‘**** Hunter’. About a stones throw away from Kikrby-In-Ashfield and Annesly Village its nestled between Woods and A industrial estate.
As we enter the village we come across ‘The Triangle’ and one of the local parks where the ***** will chill out with their ‘cronies’ smoking weed and blinding the local old people with the sunlight from their so called ‘Bling’.
Further down the road we come across the corner shop and opposite the chippy. 24/7 there will be at least 5 ***** outside this spot, Usually at least 1 will be on a bike/scooter. This is a main spot for the ***** as they tease and pick on the younger/older members of Newstead.
On the topic of scooters, The ***** can also be found in Newstead Woods near Hucknall in which they’ll be riding there Scooters, Dirtbikes, Quadbikes and ‘Go-pedMo-ped’.
The ***** in Newstead range from the wannabe ‘younguns’ who wear the **** gear to the full blown ********* who are giving their boyfriend ***** a ******* as I write this story.
I end this story with the message “If you want to get laid and get aids…Come to newstead.”

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