Can easily be discribed as the place that God missed when he created the world. The main city centre is a mess of clothes shops that seem to continually be closing and re-opening a few days later with another name. Thus providing the chavs with all the fake “gear” that they blow their giros on.
In between the numerous clothing shops are the many chav eating places, and the chavs dont need to even look for the McSlurry signs- they can mearly follow the trails of disgarded cartons back to source.
After a busy day the chavs then decend in the million to the pubs. The chavs with pretentions tend to hang out in a bar called NP20. The others in one of the numerous pubs that have the essential chav life support of pool table and Sky Sports playing the “footie”.
Later its outside for a ruck or to throw up much to the other chavs amusement. Then up to the clubs that thankfully are all in one area, that the non chav residents avoid like the plague, a place called Stow Hill. Although in recent years other pubs have started to cash in on the chavs and been granted later opening, and so you can find a few chav clubs in other parts of the town centre now.
A wander past many of the pubs on an evening will let you see the chavs engaging in the sport of Karioke. (Oh the Japanese have much to answer for.)

Finally I have to mention that Newport has the dubious honour of Goldie Looking Chain. Thus making it a mecca of sorts for the valley chavs, who decend in hordes in a religious pilgrimage every alternate Friday when they have collected their fortnightly giro.

In truth a god forsaken town with no hope of ever being improved.

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