Newport, South Wales

Avoid like the plague. The birthplace of the GLC has to be the Mecca for ***** in South Wales.

Meeting places include McDonalds or “Maccy D’s braaaaaaa” to the townies. Newport seems to have one every corner. Constantly surrounded by hoodie wearing twats on bikes in the city centre, or by Townies driving in ****, usually piss coloured white or some other obnoxious colour with the biggest spoiler they can find. But its not just ***** who surround them… oh no. They all work in there as well. They all seem to be ******** with the One G grade GCSE Drop-out type serving behind the counter – many of whom you can barely communicate with unless you can make out the Newport townie dialect. Ive lived here all my life and still can’t make out what they are saying.

Back to the point – John Frost Square is another popular haunt for the *****. Single teenage mothers unable to pick up thier babys because they are drowned by the amount of gold and sportwear on thier bodies. The boys tend to walk round with football socks tucked into trousers always with the **** essential hoodie, or with the shirts with scrawled white graffiti writing which I honestly think looks like they had an unsuccesful painting lesson. The shirts are always the same colour – Cabrini skyblue. The boys also walk round with thier hand constantly down thier trousers looking for their needle ****- a truly rancid site if ever I’ve seen one. The other hand is enaged in holding the compulsary ***.

How grim is your Postcode?

The Bus Station is another place to avoid. Unless you are a townie, looking for drugs or blind dumb you are bound to be pestered by a ****. Usually its the “You gots fifty ps for da bus bliid??” Answer no or its knife time for you. And im not kidding. The other one is always some little eleven or twelve year old Chavlings who give it the ” Get us a faaagggg bra or ill ave you neeooww”.

Other obvious haunts are the usual – Spars or Mini-Markets, Off-liecences and JD Sports. Kingsway is another place to find them as it sells mountains of rip off copies of thier designer ****.

Then there are the council estates – and there are lots. Avoid the following breeding grounds for the Scummer ***** if you value life:

On The East Side – Alway, Ringland, Moorland/Broadmead Park, Lliswery (All of these are side by side – highest concentration of ***** in the world anybody? Also the worlds finest **** School – Hartridge High – one school which needs to be forgotten by the goverment ) Then there is Corporation Road (Corpa), parts of Maindee and St Julians.

On The West Side – Duffryn, Pill, The Gaer, St Woolos, Bettws

Talk about bredding gorunds for ****….. Newport seems to be the centre for it all in the South

Need I say more? Anybody want to add anything more feel free!

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