Newport, South Wales


Ok, Newport is now TECHNICALLY a city, but the residue of C**v activity still lurks in this once-town. I have no pictures of Newport at the moment (To be honest, I stay away as much as possible!) but I will try and take some in the near future.

Now, Newport, as many South Wales residents, like myself, will know, is a hot spot for Townie activity. Only last night, I walked through the ‘city’ centre to meet some friends, and noticed three blindingly obvious C**v’s walking past me. One happened to be on his mobile phone, and I overheard his lovely, pleasant conversation, consiting of words such as “Fuckin'”, “Innit” and so forth.

I could not help but laugh aloud at the poor creature.

Why, only last night again, did I witness a Townie fight in the local Megabowl in Newport. Guys with their bling and sportswear knocking each other out…I was appalled, yet humoured by the behaviour.

You can visit the Newport website ( to take a look at this ‘city’. It doesn’t look so bad from there…HAHA! Take a visit and you will see what I mean by it being a C**v Town.

Flocks of Townie parasites wander the streets, causing trouble and irritation wherever they roam.

I think Newport is a great ChavTown. As soon as I get pictures of it, I will show you JUSt what I mean.

Anaiya x

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