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i and about 50 of my mates all from newparks hangout on weston pack robbing cars ect and smoking weed newparks..
newparks is by far the worst for chavs and we liuke it that way i swear if me and my boys see some of you loot we would kick your f*****g teeth in u pricks i swear chavs are the best and if i find out where som e of you live watch your windows and ps2’s and crats of stella thats all we drink down here i mean y drink cheap s**t when we can go on the rob and earn about £50 in ten minuts? ur all gay

Top 10 worst places to live in England 2018

  • Leicester

    You twat! Im from New Parks old firm. You sound like a real Idiot. Bigging yourself up like the useless prick that you and your BOYS really are. Thieving c**ts like you need a good kicking. Wait until some spotty twat like you, robs your car and burns It on the park. You and your shandy gang fancy a real row, post here, or get Mammy to buy you a ticket for the East Stand at LCFC and come join the Squadies for a day out. WELL?