Written by Anonymous Visitor and posted in East Sussex, South East, United Kingdom

As you enter Newhaven (from either the ferry, the train or the 712 bus) you are suddenly swamped by chavs. They tend to hang around in groups of 5-7 in the day but this increases to about 500 in the night. Most of these chavs live up Gibbon road and each chav has about 20 siblings. These chavs are all very close to eachother as they are all related in some way whether it be cousins, brothers, sisters, uncles etc… The chavs which can afford cars and are old enough to drive (or they may not be old enough, it doesnt bother these chavs) tend to congregate in mc donalds and B&Q carpark in their shitty escorts and fiestas shouting things out to their fellow chav buddies things like ”Lets as 2nds on that fag carl”, and ”How many birds you shag up liberties last night then mate?”.

Liberties: The ultimate Newhaven chav hangout of an evening (a nightclub). Free entry and buy one get one free on drinks before 11… who the f**k would pay to get in their anyway and the drinks are out of date!! This is the place most girls in newhaven are inpregnated… (before the age of 14 of corse)… I think its actually a law in newhaven that you have to have 6 kids before the age of 19?! If the chavs are feelin adventourous of a day they may venture to either denton, south heighton or possible seaford if they can get away with bunking the train. however if they decide to stay in Newhaven they could enjoy smoking some solids in the towns multi-storey (all 2 levels of it) or they could take a trip to the town and rob from shops such as woolworths and erm… well thats the only shop there really apart from a charity shop and a bakery. For the chavs that dont have baths or showers in their houses they could become a member of the local swimming pool and pay as little as £4 to bath for up to an hour. When the chavs of Newhaven save up their pocket money they could take a trip to brighton, churchill square (another chav town in e.sussex), this is where the chavs of newhaven purchase their fake burberry and tn hats and joggin bottoms they tuck into their donay socks.

So if you are a chav then come to NEWHAVEN, its perfect for you… what more could you want?!

  • Bob

    This was written 12 years ago this was what Newhaven used to be like but those days are long gone now, it a pretty calm nice town these days.

  • Jane Phare

    If by ‘chav’ you mean working class people, I have to say that I have
    mostly found people in this town kind and helpful. Not everyone is
    academic. We need practical people too.

    I’ve been Newhaven for 10 years now – I moved here from Brighton – and have never been happier. I’ve lived in Kent, Coventry, London, Crete, Mumbai and Brighton and travelled all over the world and I have to say that I have never found such a close and caring community as I have in Newhaven. People are remarkably helpful and generous and community-spirited and I have made many friends here.

    The town centre is desperately in need of some TLC, cut off by the ring
    road, and the sandy West Beach was closed off by the Port Authority, but the
    river is lovely with its fishing boats, as are the stony beach, the cliffs and downs that surround the town.

    The many campaigns the town has had to fight – against the ring road, incinerator, the closure of the West Beach – has brought people together. The big success story was the Hillcrest Community Centre, which was saved by the residents of the town who bought the building when the Council wanted to sell it off. It’s now independently run as a charity, and has a lovely welcoming cafe with home-cooked affordable food and friendly staff. There’s a huge range of activities, creative and practical, for people of all ages from toddler groups, arts classes for children, a boxing club, art classes, creative writing and storytelling for adults, tai chi, wood carving, a cinema showing good films, ballroom dancing, tea dances and much more. For older people on their own it provides social contact, nutritious food and a chance to meet. THere is also huge support for the Newhaven lifeboat, which is very much held in the hearts of the townspeople. Newhaven has an interesting history too.

    I know lots of people who’ve moved here from Brighton, Lewes, and elsewhere and love it. So don’t write it off. Of course there are problems here. as anywhere, but come and spend a day here, walk down the river, visit Newhaven Fort, have lunch at the Hillcrest and chat to some people, and then decide for yourself.

  • penny

    These derrogatory comments, which incidently, are poorly written with atrocious spelling. Are indicative of the person writing them. Newhaven is a vibrant fishing & ferry port. It is a lovely riverside location with a loyal & supportive community. I am proud to live in Newhaven. Also this means I dont live near the person writing those vile comments, which is a distinct advantage. Nothing as courageous as a poison pen with a pseudonym.

  • Nick

    I have never read such utter banal drivel as I have just now! It truly makes me ashamed to be English. Verbal abuse! Poor grammar and spelling! Denigration of the town that some of the commentators live in compounded by others whom don’t and a general glee in calling Oneself a “Chav”. I grew up on a northern council estate and literally had no new clothes! No holidays! And little in the way of good food or heating! We were poor, but being poor does NOT mean you cannot educate yourself and be kind to others around you! My Mother and Father who are now long past were Kind,compassionate caring loving people who taught me right from wrong and who taught me to read, write and speak properly.
    I am 52 years old, have run my own business from NOTHING and have now through sheer hard graft (often living in my van for months on end) bought outright my home and now been able to retire and next week begin a full time degree, something which was denied to me years ago!
    So.. Stop moaning, pick your sorry self serving backsides out of the gutter and start talking up your town, be kind, helpful and nice to our foreign visitors, pick up litter, help and be kind to each other, stop stealing from the few businesses in the town who are trying to make it a better place to be in and give others a chance to grow and thrive!

    Thank you for taking the time to read this
    Peace be to all of you


  • megan

    i live in newhaven on gibbon road theres a few kids that hang about but i wouldnt describe them as chavs :p

  • I am planning on moving back to the UK after 49 years in New York so have been looking around for homes. I am thoroughly disgusted at the people who have posted here and cannot even write or spell properly. It sounds like most of you need to go back to school and get an education. If you are an example of the young people living in Sussex, I shall stay away. I am a 70 year young female who has lived an amazing life and I wouldn’t want to spend my final years in what seems like a hell-hole. How sad you all sound.

  • jan

    hi all you people lived in newhaven most of my life was a great little town many years ago its not good any more . nobody councils etc cares what it looks like or whats happening to it .we are just a dumping ground .and its getting worse.hope all the people who made it this way end up liveing here . but that would never happen would it .

  • idislikechavs.

    omg all those people who are saying newhaven isnt a chav town are talking bullsh*t. i live on GIBBON ROAD!! i go to tideway school. the whole review isnt even exagerating!!. these chavs stand outside my house screaming all night, i almost got stabbed for having a skull on my bag. to the chavs that live here, if your not a chav then your emo, im not chav or emo, but they still call me emo.
    hell, even one girl said ‘ hey emo kid stop being emo and start being chav like me’. bear in mind that i was in year 7 and she was in year 10. chavs here use peer pressure to get kids as young as 5 or 6 to smoke- ive seen it myself, the parents are stupid engough to let their kids go play up hanson road by them selfs. i wish people would stop saying newhaven is a great town, because when you live on gibbon road, its a living hell.

  • Brightonperson

    I used to live in newhaven! and i went to tideway school! alot of my friends live on gibbon or in the town, and they r the best people i hav ever met! newhaven iss a pretty damn good town!

  • Ruby Heard

    You obviously have no idea what you are talking about ! Newhaven is no more chavy than Peacehaven, Seaford or Eastbourne and is recently becoming quite a desired place to live regardless of the incinetrator. It really does go to show how stupid you are when you mention that Brighton is also a East Sussex chav town ?? ! * Helllo have you ever even been to Brighton ? Its the complete opposite to a chav town its full of complete individuals and nobody cares what you look like or how you dress ! Does not sound like a chav town to me let alone the fact its not a town but a city ! Twat

  • david dawkins


    Newhaven is a town which actually works for a living – the smallest travel to work area, the highest productive and exporting sector of the economy in Sussex, the most fertile arts sector of any in the region.

    Get back to baking fairy cakes and putting on gay variety shows!

  • Serena_wake

    You are all f**king d**ks. Shut up. Newhaven is the greatest place in the world. Me and Lis Wardy go their all the time. Grow up.

  • Serena_wake

    You are all f**king d**ks. Shut up. Newhaven is the greatest place in the world. Me and Lis Wardy go their all the time. Grow up.

  • Winston

    Oi geeza, whats ur name i hang around da town im Russ if u dnt know me den u r lying coz me n my mates r there all da time

  • Newhaven aint chav at all… this is all bollocks!!! im a towny so like i should no. The only ting is u neva c da other ppl out ever coz they is all scared to come out init !!!! hahahahahaha

  • rrb

    sorry i forgot to say, the funny thing is that she is not from seafords sink estate (lexden), but a nice house and a nice family, she just loves the chav image. f**king twat

  • JadeBreakspear

    why am i a stupid prick then? cant u take a f**king joke?

  • Winston

    You really r a stupid prick