Newark on Trent

Can’t beleive no one has added an article on Newark yet.

This place is over run with the uneducated chicken ******* inbreeds !!!

On any given day if you venture into the town centre there are
hoards of them on every corner, especialy congregating around
Morrisons supermarket, it is actualy custom here for the locals to
refer to each other as “****” , this is meant to be an endeering term , my god theres realy is no hope!!!

How grim is your Postcode?

We also have a substabtial traveler population here
and the chavy shell suit wearing fuckwits actualy look up to and want to be like these people.

I rekon we should round them all up , stick em on a remote island
and allow North Korea to test nukes on them, hence solving three problems in one go. This would do wonders for British culture, take a huge burden off the wellfare system and create an agreeable solution the the problems with North Korea.

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