New Malden… what went wrong?!

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Right… I’ve got ten minutes to get everything I want to say off of my chest before I need to head back out (I’ve just this moment registered), so I’ll make this quick.

I firmly believe that New Malden has reached the lowest level of Chavdom ever seen in a UK suberb.

You can’t even walk to the end of your own f*****g road without the usual “Oi mate, gissa cigarette!” or (14yo girl asking) “Can you run in that shop for me and get me a £5.99 litre bottle of Kirov vodka?”.

The cheeky f*****s often go one step further by trying their luck with “Gissa fag before I blough(?) you in the face”. F**k off you c**t-faced bollock-eyed walking piss-flap… if you’re going to try and mug me at least have the dignity to go for my I-Pod.

It f***s me off the way that I’m going out and working hard to pay for these scrotes, who will no doubt be scrounging off of everybody for the rest of their lives. All they do is ponse and all they will ever do is ponse.

It make you wonder where the parents are, doesn’t it???

I’ll tell you where they are… sitting at home on the Cabridge Estate watching Kilroy, smoking dope and eating their favourite ASDA’s microwave meals.

All the parents ever told them was that they were educationaly subnormal, and that the best thing they could ever do with their lives was to find a scrote that sells enough weed each week to buy them Elizabeth Duke ear-rings for their birthday and get them up the duff, thus allowing them to sponge benefits off of Kingston Counil and get their very owm flat on the Cambridge Estate… or the equally notorious Cambridge Gardens.

What a life!

It really does make me wonder just where this nation is heading… as this generation of C***s and Chavettes start breeding faster than sewer rats without a thought of who exactly is going to fund their spawn.

I blame the government myself for allowing them to sponge.

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